Today I came across this python library feedparser that is used to parse rss, atom feeds.

How to use install feedparser?

Install feedparser using pip.

pip install feedparser

How to use feed parser?

import feedparser

feed = feedparser.parse("")

feed_title = feed['feed']['title']
feed_entries = feed.entries

for entry in feed.entries:
    article_title = entry.title
    article_link =
    article_published_at = entry.published # Unicode string
    article_published_at_parsed = entry.published_parsed # Time object
    article_author =
    print "{}[{}]".format(article_title, article_link)
    print "Published at {}".format(article_published_at)
    print "Published by {}".format(article_author)

To know the list of rss feed attributes parsed by the library, see reference