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Python Programming for Beginners

python programming for beginners

Master the Basics of Python to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Programming Career Go back to basics with this Python programming course. You’ll run through the fundamentals of all things Python ranging from understanding how to craft simple lines of code using variables and statements to setting up and using dictionaries. Though targeted towards complete beginners, this course also serves as a handy refresher for seasoned programmers for who want to sharpen their coding skills. * Learn basic Python w/ over 26 lectures & 3.5 hours of content * Understand the building blocks of Python code: variables, loops & statements * Find & fix common programming errors * Work w/ files & classes to manage your code * Import syntax & create modules * Use lists to index & slice data, perform math functions, etc. * Store & extract values w/ dictionaries * Create a real-world Python program from scratch * Build a knowledge base transferrable to more complex languages ## [Python Web Programming](

python programming for beginners

Master the Core Concepts Essential to Coding Well in Python

Supercharge your coding journey with this course to end all Python courses, which delves into every important facet of Python web development. You’ll start with a broad overview of basic Python concepts, then segue into more advanced principles such as programming web servers and managing datasets with MySQL. By the time you finish your last lesson, you’re certain to be a veritable guru on all things Python.

  • Cement your Python knowledge w/ over 57 lectures & 7 hours of content
  • Use SQLite to create, populate & manipulate databases
  • Conduct data requests over the web w/ the urllib module
  • Use HTML to build your web page’s structure: body, navigation bar, etc.
  • Program web servers: create a VPS, manage files w/ FileZilla, etc.
  • Set up, configure & use MySQL databases
  • Use the Flask framework to quickly & easily create quality code

Data Analysis With Python and Pandas

python programming for beginners

Use Data Structure Libraries to Dissect Data Like a Pro

Learn to effectively tease insights from large datasets using Python. Why is this a guaranteed career booster? Python is one of the most popular programming languages in use, while data analysis is a hot skill set in today’s job market. From utilizing the Pandas and NumPy libraries to manipulating data frames, you’ll master skills sure to increase your employability several times over.

  • Perform data analyses using Python w/ over 51 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Dissect & analyze data using the Pandas & NumPy libraries
  • Manipulate raw data: index it, visualize it & more
  • Learn how to handle missing data & detect outliers
  • Perform statistical functions: measure correlation, calculate means & sums, etc.
  • Sort your data to make it easier to digest
  • Work w/ databases to manage large quantities of information
  • Master Python skills transferrable to many other applications

Learn Python Django From Scratch

python programming for beginners

Create Highly Scalable Web Applications with This Python Framework

Want to become a rockstar coder? Learn Django, a Python framework used to create web applications that power complex, database-driven sites. It’s a potent development tool that allows you to quickly scale what you build, and can even handle the intense data load on highly trafficked sites the likes of Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Learn Django by creating a site from scratch
  • Easily navigate the Django Admin
  • Create a user authentication system for a site
  • Monetize your site: add a shopping cart, integrate it w/ PayPal, etc.
  • Upload files, work w/ forms & automate email delivery
  • Add geolocation features & map integration
  • Test & debug your site

Python Game Development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone

python programming for beginners

Consolidate Your Python Skills by Building a Real, Playable Game

Strengthen your grasp of Python by exploring game development through way of creating a real, working clone of the viral hit Flappy Bird. From creating menus to crafting levels of increasing difficulty, you’ll learn the programming skills you need to build games for any platform or operating system well after this course ends.

  • Develop games in Python w/ over 21 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Learn game development by creating a clone of Flappy Bird
  • Create input controls, boundaries, crash events & menus
  • Use polygons to build obstacles
  • Add graphics & customize their display
  • Configure the logic of your game
  • Set up a score display
  • Add levels to your game
  • Consolidate skills you can use to build games for any platform or OS

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib

python programming for beginners

Turn Messy Spreadsheets into Easily Viewable Data Visuals

Elevate your Python game yet again by mastering Matplotlib, a 2D Python plotting library. Matplotlib allows you to transform raw data into graphs by creating any data visual you can envision: pie charts, bar charts, 3D lines and scatterplots, live updating graphs, and much more. This is a definite game-changer: you’ll add a valuable programming skill to your repertoire and never find yourself agonizing over indecipherable spreadsheets ever again.

  • Use Python for data visualization w/ over 58 lectures & 7 hours of content
  • Create charts to make large datasets more tangible
  • Generate bar charts, histograms, 3D graphs, etc.
  • Load your raw data into Matplotlib
  • Customize your data visuals: change labels, add grids, etc.
  • Add text & annotations to your charts
  • Use the Basemap tool to plot geographic data
  • Create live graphs that update when their source files do

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